Wednesday November 22, 2017

Innovative Climate Change Financing Helps Community Survive Perennial Drought

A new form of financing is being used by communities to prioritise and plan investments for helping ...

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Funding local adaptation in Kenya: nationally vs. locally managed funds

How do nationally and locally managed climate funds compare in creating impact on the ground? Guest ...

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Climate Change Adaptation at Sub-National Level: Lessons from the Arid and Semi-Arid Region of Kenya

The reality that is climate change, is already affecting the Kenyan economy and its people in ...

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Climate Information Service Intermediary to Climate Information Prize* Winner

The training as a primary intermediary on Climate Information Services (CIS) in 2014 opened my ...

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Climate Information Service for better Decision Making

Climate information is extremely crucial to small-scale farmers who are vulnerable to climate ...

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Is Kenya Ready for the Green Climate Fund allocations in 2020?

The recently concluded negotiations at COP20 - the 20th Conference of Parties to the United Nations ...

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A new form of financing is being used by communities to prioritise and plan investments for helping them adapt to climate change. The fund set up by County Governments bring together vulnerable communities and technical officers from the county governments to make decisions on how the fund will be used.

Goats bleating near a dry water pan, failed crops, and women walking for long distances with their donkey in search of water is the sight that welcomes you when you visit Mtito wa Ndei in Makueni. This situation is made worse by poor, unpredictable and unreliable rainfalls coupled with increased human activities that have led to the drying of springs, streams and rivers across the county.

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