Wednesday November 22, 2017

The training as a primary intermediary on Climate Information Services (CIS) in 2014 opened my understanding on how valuable and crucial climate information is, in making sustainable development decisions. The knowledge acquired has been very important in my day-to-day interaction with communities and training of Secondary Intermediaries.

The CIS information Prize

The knowledge also enabled me submit an application for the Climate Information Prize (CIP) that was launched in February 2016. My proposed CIP project titled “Kyamatu Climate Smart Village” was on use of climate information in Water, Agriculture and renewable energy in vulnerable community adversely affected by climate change and the focus was Kyamatu region. The proposed project focus on enhancing community knowledge on basic climate information and access to localized climate information in order to make sustainable livelihood decisions for improved food security, water management and access to reliable energy source.

The project aims to train the target community on climate information systems and assist them use climate information to make decisions that affect their livelihoods.

The “Kyamatu Climate Smart Village” proposed project won the third position in the Wazo prize and offered me an opportunity to interact with other professionals in the field of meteorology and other Wazo participants. I will continue using the knowledge to educate communities on climate information in order to better tackle climate uncertainty and risk.

The *Climate Information Prize (CIP) is funded by UK Aid and works in partnership with the Kenya Meteorological Department. CIP awards cash prizes to entrepreneurs and innovators who come up with new solutions that use climate information in ways that support vulnerable individuals, households and communities in Kenya.




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