Wednesday November 22, 2017

The Rangeland Users Association (RUA) will be meeting on the 6-7th May to elect new officials in the management of Isiolo Natural Resources. The forum brings together 600 participants to discuss the challenges, lesson learnt and best practices going forward while electing new officials to run the association. 

The Rangeland Users Association (RUA) is a model institution tasked with the responsibility of managing water and pasture management during severe drought periods. The association was formed in the year 1993 by livestock owners who comprised of 450 livestock users (registered members) who graze their herds in the strategic drought areas of Yamicha, Duma and Urura. The association was born in 1993 after the community was exposed to severe drought of early 90s which claimed over 66% of their livestock.
RUA institution is managed by a team of 16 elected management committee members from the nine locations who run the day to day operation of the association on behalf of the 450 members of RUA. Their election happens after every two years.

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