The County Climate Change Fund (CCCF) mechanism is an example of a new devolved climate fnance mechanism piloted by five county governments of Isiolo, Kitui, Makueni, Garissa and Wajir from 2013 to deliver climate finance from the national to local level.

The Adaptation Consortium conducted a learning exercise to gauge the effectiveness of the CCCF Mechanism to improve climate resilience in ASAL regions through investments in improved access to water that were identified and prioritised by the beneficiary communities. This briefing reports on the quantified economic values from surveys of householders, politicians, county and ward-level climate resilience committees. All respondents report better access to water for their livestock and household.

Benefits at household level every year were KES 14,170 (£109) per household far exceeding costs of implementation which were in total KES 3,640 (£28) per household. A large proportion of direct benefits accrue to women, who report shorter journeys (two hours less) to collect water for domestic use every day. These women are re-investing their time in family and households, business and girls into schoolwork. Inequality, untapped economic value and challenges from political succession and communication all need to be addressed to ensure sustainability of these investments.

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