These guidelines are written for counties interested in setting up a County Climate Change Fund (CCCF).

After six years of successful piloting and testing, the CCCF mechanism is being scaled out nationwide, steered by the Ministry of Devolution and ASAL Areas through the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA). The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure that counties harmonise their approach and meet the same standards.

This is a second edition of guidance originally published in 2018. The CCCF mechanism will continue to evolve as it expands into more counties and generates new learning. The guidelines will, therefore, continue to be revised, with updates between editions published on the website of the NDMA.

There are five further sections. Section 2 describes the CCCF mechanism: its purpose and components, its guiding principles and minimum standards, and the approach being taken to its scale-out. Sections 3-5 guide you through the stages of establishing a CCCF: preparation, decision-making, and implementation. The sixth and final section summarises the main steps you can take to ensure its quality. Each part of the guidelines concludes with practical tips from those with direct experience of the CCCF in the pilot counties of Garissa, Isiolo, Kitui, Makueni and Wajir.



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