The Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides that women and youth are included in decision making at all levels in society. However, the gender norms and practices of communities continue to propagate discrimination and exclusion at the local level, where climate change adaptation usually occurs.

The County Climate Change Fund (CCCF) mechanism piloted by the Adaptation Consortium aims at supporting county governments to create robust climate finance mechanisms and enhance climate resilience at local level using inclusive planning and governance structures.

Benefits of including women and youth in climate change interventions include; women and youth empowerment, the prioritisation of investments that provide important benefits to women as well as men, and a willingness by communities to provide more space for women and youth participation. A key finding is that inclusivity is valued by beneficiaries and is key to the successful delivery of CCCF investments.

This policy brief recommends practical steps to ensure inclusion of marginalised groups in mainstreaming climate change finance initiatives especially amongst communities that have existing structures that are not inclusive.

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