How We Work

The Consortium supports the county governments to mainstream climate change and access climate finance to fund community prioritised adaptation investments that build their resilience to climate change. Each of the county governments put in place climate change planning structures in the form of committees at county and ward levels. The committees are mandated to prioritise adaptation investment that build communities’ resilience to climate change.

Currently, resources are channeled down to vulnerable communities through local NGO whose functions include community mobilisation to identify and prioritise public good investments, accompanying implementation of community prioritized investments, supporting county governments to honour/implement their CCCF commitments, support learning and monitor investments.

The Kenya Meteorological Department together with Met Office (UK) lead on improving access, dissemination and use of climate information through the development of Climate Information Services (CIS) plans across the five counties.

The consortium also works closely with a number of Strategic partners including the National Treasury, Climate Change Directorate and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to ensure proper alignment with nationally policy and processes. Equally important are the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and Council of Governors for upscaling the integrated approach nationally.

Our Vision


To support governments
in its leadership and coordination effort
to enhance climate adaptation.

(£) Worth of investments
Counties with fully operational CCCFs
Vulnerable beneficiaries