Isiolo County Adaptation Fund: Procedure Manual

Purpose of the Manual

  • These procedures are necessary for WAPCs and CAPC to administer and disburse operational funds, design project proposals, procure and contract contractors and to report to donors on the use of ICAF funds
  • The procedural roles (calling meetings, making decisions, etc.) are outlined in the Committee constitutions. Detailed procedures are provided here
  • This manual contains two parts:
    1. Finance procedures for the Operational Fund, which will be used solely to meet the expenses of attending and holding Committee meetings; and
    2. Procedures for designing and monitoring projects to be funded from the Project Fund

Users of the manual will include:

  • The WAPC and CAPC members who are all involved directly in the implementation of the project cycle, the collection and processing of financial data, procurement, contracting and who will ensure conformity to the laid down procedures
  • The CAPC Secretariat in coordinating the activities of the project
  • IIED in implementing and monitoring the work of WAPCs, CAPC and the CAPC Secretariat
  • Auditors (Internal / External) in establishing compliance and suitability

Manual Review and Update
The manual shall be periodically reviewed and updated to take into account new developments. The process for updating the manual is:

  1. The CAPC Secretariat will note proposals on possible changes to the manual and process as provided for in 1.3 below.
  2. In consultation with the WAPCs and the CAPC, the CAPC Secretariat will submit recommended changes (that relate to financial management) to IIED for review and approval.
  3. Where proposed changes to the manual are urgent and critical with the aim of preventing fraud, correcting mismanagement, removing an illegality, correcting an inconsistency or as an adherence to an approved donor contract, the changes should be provisionally approved by the CAPC Secretariat, and in 30 days be submitted to IIED for approval and annexed to the manual.
  4. The revised manual will be distributed to all WAPCs and CAPC and other relevant staff/offices.

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